Pluriomics Stem Cell technology

Cardiac Efficacy Assays

Pluriomics is using its technology platforms for the identification and validation of novel biological targets by screening for disease modifying genes in cardiac disease models.

Disease models based on Pluricyte® Cardiomyocytes are developed both in-house as well as in collaboration with the scientific founders at the Leiden University Medical Center and other universities. 

Cardiac disease in a dish

Pluricyte® Cardiomyocytes are grown in proprietary culture media and closely resemble the complex electrophysiological and biochemical functionality of cardiac muscle cells. Pluricyte® Cardiomyocytes can be modified through addition of cytokines, hormones, chemicals or other ligands to the culture medium.

In addition to that, various genetic technologies can be used to mimic genetic cardiac cell disease or abnormalities, in vitro, in a dish.

Pluriomics believes that its technology platforms will provide a real drug discovery edge by combining physiological relevant cell models with efficient target discovery. Human stem cell technology is playing a leading role in this.