Pluriomics Stem Cell technology


Pluriomics is strategically interested to collaborate with industrial and academic partners in both public and private projects. The company has been working on a number of collaborative projects since its inception and is always interested to evaluate new opportunities.


Horizon 2020 SME instrument 



Pluriomics is supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme through an SME Instrument grant. This grant gives Pluriomics the opportunity to further develop and improve its safety pharmacology assays as well as developing novel cardiac disease models and high-throughput screening assays for cardiovascular drug discovery.


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In HeartCHIP, supported by the Eurostars Programme, Pluriomics will leverage its unique expertise in cardiac disease modeling and work in close collaboration with the German company ibidi GmbH, a leading supplier of cell-based assays, and the Erasmus University Medical Centre Rotterdam, located in The Netherlands. The partners within the HeartCHIP consortium will combine their unique proprietary technologies to develop extensive new knowledge and co-develop a breakthrough cardiac phenotypic screening platform.



In the InForMed project an integrated pilot line for medical devices will be established, covering the complete innovation chain from technology concept to system qualification. It will include micro-fabrication, assembly and even the fabrication of smart catheters. 39 Partners from 10 countries participate in the project to form manufacturing networks and an eco-system where new medical devices can be seeded and nurtured to grow into new business opportunities for Europe.
Pluriomics is active in the development of demonstrator products within the consortium, in particular demonstrator 2: Advanced devices for electrophysiology.
InForMed is an ECSEL JU project and is co-funded by grants from Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. For more information please visit:




The Netherlands Institute of Regenerative Medicine is a Dutch public private partnership. Pluriomics works with The Leiden University Medical Centre and the Eindhoven University on various aspects of cardiomyocyte development.  


Plurimes FP7

Plurimes combines the expertise of eight academic and two industrial partners to bring together stem cell experts, genetic engineers, developmental biologists, cell therapy pioneers, bioengineers and specialist SMEs in a cross-disciplinary collaborative effort. PluriMes is supported through the European Commission’s Framework 7 HEALTH research programme and Coordinated by Professor Austin Smith from the Wellcome Trust – Medical Research Council Cambridge Stem Cell Institute at the University of Cambridge.


Eureka Eurostars Cardioxpress


CardioXpress is a collaborative project between Notocord (France) and Multichannel Systems (Germany) and Pluriomics. The main objective is to provide a fast, completely expandable turnkey MEA based safety pharmacology system to get a mechanistic view of drug activity. Records and analysis of Pluricyte cardiomyocyte drug responses at different concentrations of potential drugs with multi-well micro-electrode arrays will be saved and analyzed online and offline with advanced techniques to predict the effects on human cardiac electrophysiology.  




Pluriomics, in a consortium with 4 academic partners and one SME, won the CRACK IT InPulse challenge for development of a cardiac contractile assay. A panel of experts from GSK, AstraZeneca, NC3Rs and renowned academic institutions selected the consortiums solutions from a strong line-up of competing technologies. The consortium will develop an assay to detect cardiac contractility effects at an early stage of drug development.  


Leiden University Medical Centre


In 2013 Pluriomics spun out from the Leiden University Medical Centre. To date the company works intensively together with founding scientists from the LUMC in both publicly funded research projects and specific research collaborations.