Pluriomics receives a €3.2M grant under the Horizon 2020 SME instrument programme to advance cardiovascular drug discovery

Leiden, June 16, 2016 – Pluriomics, an emerging Dutch/Belgian biotechnology company whose mission is to deliver innovative human cardiomyocyte assays for use in drug discovery & development, today announced it was awarded a prestigious EU SME instrument grant. This grant gives Pluriomics the opportunity to advance cardiovascular drug discovery, in order to reduce the development […]

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Pluriomics in €2M alliance to develop in vitro heart failure models

Leiden, The Netherlands, May 2016: Pluriomics, a Dutch biotech company focusing on the development of fully functional human stem cell-based assay systems, today announced that it will lead a €2.0 million Eurostars consortium for the development of a novel in vitro organ-on-a-chip heart failure model for drug discovery and development. In this 3 years project, […]

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The Use of Cardiomyocytes for the Assessment of Proarrhythmic Risk

Date: October 25 – 26, 2016 Location: Arlington, VA, USA  Pluriomics will attend the SOT-hosted meeting: The Use of Cardiomyocytes for the Assessment of Proarrhythmic Risk, in Arlington, Virginia. This meeting will engage experts in presenting and discussing various aspects of the phenotype of hiPSC-cardiomyocytes (functional, proteins, biochemical) and comparing them to adult ventricular cardiomyocytes, as a basis for […]

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4th annual Cardio Symposium – ACEA Biosciences

Date: September 16-17, 2016Location: Hyatt Regency Vancouver, Canada  Pluriomics will attend the 4th annual Cardio Symposium hosted by ACEA Biosciences the day before the Safety Pharmacology Society 2016 Annual Meeting, in Vancouver. ACEA Biosciences’ annual Cardio Symposium is a forum to promote scientific exchange and collaboration amongst scientists working at the forefront of cardiac safety […]

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Pluriomics develops and commercializes fully functional, human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes and provides high quality services for efficient and reliable safety pharmacology testing and cardiovascular drug efficacy screening.

Pluriomics, a leading expert in human cardiovascular stem cell technology, manufactures fully functional human iPSC derived cardiomyocytes (Pluricyte® Cardiomyocytes) using well-defined, serum-free medium that enhances the maturation and function of the cells. Pluriomics combines Pluricyte® Cardiomyocytes with innovative technologies to develop in-house cell-based assays with the objective to improve drug safety and efficacy screening.

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Pluricyte® Cardiomyocyte Kit

Pluricyte® Cardiomyocyte Kit is developed and manufactured for use in drug discovery and development. The kit includes both Pluricyte® Cardiomyocytes and Pluricyte® Cardiomyocyte Medium (serum-free).

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